Sea Farm

Our business can and will only exist if we take a sustainable approach that minimizes the need for inputs and repopulates wild stocks.  Our process involves collecting native species to breed and then release back to the sea.  We rear the larvae in our land-based hatchery and nursery before we release them into their natural environment for grow-out at naturally occurring densities in a 25 square kilometer area.  Then we let nature do its part as the juveniles grow into large and harvest-ready adults.

We selectively harvest to ensure the highest quality product and that we tread lightly on the surrounding sea habitat.  Because we do not harvest all of the sea cucumbers that we release, our model helps to rebuild the ecosystem and its biodiversity.

We site in ecosystems that show signs of stress, such as low population levels of adult finfish and limited occurrence of sea cucumbers in shallow waters, in order to improve them.  With the repopulation of low-trophic animals, such as the sea cucumber, the ecosystem will be able to support a rich and diverse ecosystem and help the trophic levels rebuild.  Broodstock will be collected from our sea leases to ensure the use of native species.

By developing a more sustainable aquaculture fishery, we are ensuring the longevity of our business by promoting the re-establishment of the sea cucumber in its natural habitat.  At the same time we will be providing consistent, high quality product to be directed towards the highest value food and medicinal market segments.

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