About Us
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Robert A. Rose, Production and Technical Director (upper left)
Thomas M. Roberts, Development and Operations Director (upper right)
Ivelle Legaspi, Founder and President (bottom)

Directors, Tom Roberts and Robert Rose, have extensive experience with aquaculture operations and the local ecosystem.  Tom Roberts has nearly 30 years experience operating a vertically integrated pearl farm in the municipality of Busuanga. Bob Rose is a professional aquaculturist with a PhD in marine biology from the University of Sydney and over 30 years of experience in tropical, large-scale sea farming and marketing.

Both have extensive experience in large-scale aquaculture projects.  Bob is a marine biologist with over 33 years of experience in fishery and aquaculture research, development and commercialization; founder of Pearl Oyster Propagators, an international consulting firm to help develop and manage pearling operations; and recipient of multiple research grants totaling over AU$12 million.  Tom has over 25 years of experience in aquaculture as manager of family-owned First Nature Products and founder of Calamian Holdings Group, both pearling operations in the Philippines, and cofounder of iPearl, a global distribution marketing team.

Our experience is strengthened by Tom’s previously established relationship with the local community as the manager of his family’s pearl farm.  The Roberts family relationships with the locals extend back over three generations (professional  and personal).  Bob brings proprietary scientific and technical methods of sea cucumber husbandry and processing that combine local knowledge and contemporary aquaculture biotechnology.  These methods will maximize sea-cucumber survival and reproduction and will ensure high quality and consistent beche-de-mer (dried meat) that is unparalleled in the market.

Strategic Partnership

With our combined experience, we are confident in our aquaculture plan, but want to ensure that we create the best business possible and meet our mission goals.  To this end we forged a partnership with Good Company to create a sustainability management plan that aligns with our business strategy.

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